Well, I’m hoping everyone will get to see what I’ve been working on lately maybe next year or early 2021. It’s been a lot of fun which I haven’t had writing something since Dino Hunt. Not that writing isn’t an exciting process, because you’re discovering quadrants of your own imagination and unlocking these hidden little gems that complete a story that was only vague in your head, which is an exhilarating process. But there’s also rewrites and making the whole thing coherent, which is where the work comes in. Often it feels like pulling the bottom floor out of a building so you can put it at the top. But I know something’s not good when writing it feels like pushing an acorn uphill with my nose. That’s not how the current manuscript feels. It’s one I can’t wait to get back to work on each day, so that’s exciting. I can’t wait to show it to you.

Reading The Great Escape. My review still to come but I’m loving it. Might need a pen and paper to keep track of all the names but wow; I’m just struck dumb by the ingenuity and resilience of these people. Makes me feel even sillier for complaining about writing being difficult sometimes!

I hope you’re all enjoying your month and keeping safe.