I don’t want to go on about the situation that has clogged up every stream of information, but hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy, that’s the first thing. The second thing is I hope you’re well. I hope you’re not letting the failure of our economic system to safeguard against what should be a manageable situation get you too down. Capitalism is a wonderful dream. A free-for-all economy where anyone can become anything if they are willing to work hard enough. But humanity doesn’t work that way. A few will abuse loopholes, will form secret allegiances with powerful politicians and they will hoard the abundance that should be available for all. A system of oligarchs has shown just how fragile it is.

Maybe I’m a radical socialist or maybe I’m just a realist, but since it’s the economic model smart economic managers turn to when things go drastically wrong and has never failed to set things to right, I’d say it’s nothing but an inevitability. You might as well argue about whether or not clouds exist. One day, democratic socialism will have to be the system by which all countries are run – it’s that or the end of our civilisation. Even Dear Leader Trump has been forced to resort to socialist measures to safeguard what he can.

I’ve submitted my new manuscript to Tamarind Hill Press and I hope they like it, but the research I did into both Viking and Beothuk-Dorset ways of life has got me thinking about recent times. The idea that a region can be governed by a collective of elected representatives with one neutrally elected “speaker” – chieftain, monarch, whatever you want to call them – and no hierarchy of leaders within the parliament doesn’t seem all that unrealistic. It’s not just a matter of redistributing wealth, after all. The struggle for wealth is the struggle for power. If our halls of Parliament, Duma, Althing, Reichstag, etc were without primary ministers, consortia or political parties, but had nothing but regional representatives with nothing to gain from being there except doing a good job in order to stay there, who would the oligarchs pay off to create loopholes to abuse?

Maybe our ancestors – Norse or First Nations – had the right idea.

Onto other business – I’m currently reading Les Liasons Dangereuses by Choclos de Laclos. Not a big fan of the epistolary novel but it’s pretty good. I’m getting through it. Since a lot of us have a lot of spare time at the moment, I’m interested to see what you’re reading…