So it’s finally happened – the eBook for Spirits of the Ice Forest has dropped. Kobo is my favorite but check your best online eBook retailer and it’s bound to be there. I’ll be thinking up a way to celebrate soon; it might be a giveaway; it might be something else. Watch this space.

I realize it’s been a while since last I blogged. It’s been rather crazy around here and I’m just trying to find breaths between the madness in which I can write. Currently, I’m in talks about doing a serial. I’ve found a few websites where readers can subscribe or download an app and get chapters delivered to their device in installments, which is a concept I adore. I have a manuscript I want to publish that way so I’m pushing it. Hopefully, I’ll have something to announce in that field soon!

Also working on new manuscripts. There’s a new sci-fi set in the Dino-Hunt universe, an historical fiction about Fra Dolcino, and a superhero-satire I’ve had a lot of trouble getting out there because – shock, surprise – it’s a bit controversial. That’s never stopped me before. Again – watch this space.

Hope you’re all loving life and the growing freedoms as the world slowly emerges from COVID.

Best wishes