Thank you everyone for the warm welcome to the world you’ve given Spirits of the Ice Forest thus
far. It really means the absolute most to me that people around the world can get excited and
enthusiastic about something that essentially came out of my brain – given a touch of historical
prompting, of course. Over the next few weeks, more online stores will go live and paperbacks will
become easier to get all over the world. Then come the eBooks. They’ll go live on Amazon and a
whole host of other online retailers very soon – thank you for your patience e-readers!
I’m happy to announce the novel has also been entered into a number of international book
contests, so we’ll just have to wait and see how that pans out.
In the meantime, if you should find yourself with a copy of Spirits of the Ice Forest and, after reading
it, feel compelled to share your opinion with the world, I always make it my business to share every
review I get whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. All your thoughts and discussions are appreciated,
even if I don’t see them all for whatever reason.
While Spirits is out there doing its thing, I’m hard at work on something to follow it with. For every
novel I release, I write probably three others that end up in the trash – this is neither a time-effective
or economical system, but it does sort the wheat from the chafe. I hold myself to a certain standard
and if I can’t meet it then the project has to go – even if that means throwing out a third or fourth
There are probably two or three projects I have at the moment that I’m excited about. One is ready
for submission, but we’ll lay low on that for now because I might decide I like one of the others
better. There may be a departure from my run of historical fiction books to come, but fear not – I keep the fantasy elements and the adventurous heart wherever I go. For now, enjoy Spirits. I hope it
is worthy of the attention.