After every publication comes the death of the author. The point at which Spirits of the Ice Forest, just like Mighty Mary before it, becomes not my own anymore. I can continue to encourage people to buy it – in fact, I’m contractually obligated to do that, and obviously I want to do it – but I can no longer influence people’s responses to it. It’s now its own thing. Grown up, in the world, and it’s up to you beautiful people how it does out there.

Meanwhile I go on. Cosmic Woman – my superhero novel – hasn’t found a home yet as far as publishers go, or I haven’t found a publisher who I think will “get it”… they’re out there somewhere, I just have to look harder. I’m working on a few projects at the moment – a horror novella is in the works; one more historical epic, this one about the Dulcinian Order;  my epic 280,000-word novel about a war in an alternative future which by the time I finish it might be the alternative past and which may or may not have to be broken into a series because I don’t want to push my luck; and a sequel to the Dino-Hunt trilogy, as well as a few other things. So I’ve got plenty of work to do.

Writing a fourth novel in the Dino-Hunt universe is especially challenging because my previous publisher shut up shop and went AWOL without publishing the last two in the series. I’ll say fair enough on the third. It wasn’t finished and I really never was happy with it. But Dino-Hunt II was cool, and much in the same fashion the first book was. I’m considering my options – it may appear as a free download somewhere, as good as Dino-Hunt II is, there is an old voice in the writing that isn’t my own anymore. I’d rather just give it away than try to sell it.

But before all that, we need to see how Spirits does. Kirkus gave me a review I was pretty happy with… we’ve had some problems of a COVID related nature getting reader copies to some reviewers, which is why there aren’t many up yet given the book has been out for over a month… but we’ll get there. Stay safe.