There’s something I’ve noticed about a new release – because of late people have taken to asking me – what it feels like or presuming that it feels “great”. Well, it does feel great, as well as daunting, especially given that Mighty Mary is out through a new publisher. It is also humbling. I don’t just see a book, at the end of the day, I see hours innumerable of my own work and then am left to only imagine the work others have put into it. See, manuscripts are the product of a single person, but a book is the effort of many. There’re editors, like Jesse McGunn, there’s website people, PR people, cover designers and general businessfolk who have to handle all the other little things that you’d never even think of, but thankfully they have. If it was just me, then probably all it would feel is “great” – I believed in it, of course I did, I gave it my time because it’s my own. But all the others at and around Tamarind Hill Press who have given their efforts to it, that’s where humbling and daunting come from. They believe in Mighty Mary as well. I’m grateful it’s been given this opportunity. Now we wait and see how it goes, I guess. Until then, congratulations to all. We’ve created something together. We’ve given this beautiful elephant a voice she didn’t have before, a voice humanity stole from her. Albeit in fiction. But fiction can be powerful, anyone who doesn’t think so should read 1984. I mean, that fiction is so important it isn’t even fiction anymore. It’s like… pre-emptive nonfiction. Mighty Mary is in no way 1984, but it’s our little contribution and I hope we’re all proud of it.

There’s a lot more work to do. Dina, my curator, is going to help me work out a few signings and appearances here in Australia, and I’ll be traipsing around New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles next month. There’s an interview with Bohemian Rhapsody Club I’ll be shooting in two weeks’ time. There’s lots. Let’s see what interest we can cook up! And to everyone who’s already got a copy on its way – from the bottom of my heart, I hope it serves you the way fiction should.

But enough about me! I’ve just finished Philip K. Dick’s the Man in the High Castle. Science Fiction and History buffs get on it! It’s an amazing vision of what our world might have been in the mind-warping way only Dick can give you (You’re smiling. Read that last sentence aloud. Go on. Now you’re smiling.) You can check out my review on Goodreads… next is Michael Ende’s timeless The Neverending Story, and only two chapters in, I am utterly enchanted! Let’s go on this adventure together, go on! Read it!