So I hit a bit of a milestone on the 31st of May. Thirty is often a daunting age, or so I was told, but then I was also told life begins at 30. I have to say I’m experiencing neither. Maybe I’ve been 30 for some considerable time but society’s little critiques, insofar as I have been subjected to them, have never mattered much to me unless they related to my acting or my writing. Even my acting I never invested too much of my own ego in. And critiques for writing? Well, you can learn something from all of them. So none of them are bad. There are rules, of course, you’re supposed to own a house (I don’t) have started a family (I won’t) and drive some degree of enviable car (ugh – never). But I don’t think people who had six books published before they turned 30 wrote those rules. Success is precisely what you want it to be and nobody can measure your success but you. I wanted to be a writer. Now I want to be a better writer. This will never end. I’m quite happy with that.

Dino Hunt has been expecting a sequel for about four years now and I’ve been given another possible release date. July of this year. I’m not sure how I feel about something so old being given such sudden new life but I suppose when we put our work out there we are forever reminded of where we came from. That isn’t to say people in general don’t like Dino Hunt. It was a phenomenally popular book, for what it was. I hope, for ASJ, that its sequel enjoys as much enthusiasm.

But I’m on to new projects. Manuscripts galore at Casa Davine. I can’t wait to show those to you.